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Platinum Works provide a full construction and joinery service to and within Edinburgh and the Lothians, Scotland.

We supply and install all commercial, residential and industrial joinery works to a very high standard and specification.

Specialising in modern day extensions and high end attic conversions, we co-operate with only the best architects around Edinburgh.

 We aim to bring you not only the highest quality of modern products and services, but also ensure structural integrity and safety.

All Aspects of Joinery undertaken

Our team of joiners are highly skilled and highly trained in all aspects of joinery. We pride ourselves in our strong workforce capability to overcome any obstacles and challenges throughout our daily tasks. Being able to undertake any of our clients wishes is something we have worked on from the beginning of our business venture and having that confidence in our workforce has proven time and time again. Whether it be replacing a door handle or revamping a whole property, our team are capable of anything and everything within the joinery spectrum and that is something we are extremely proud of!


Positive Client Experience

Since starting up our business, we have realised that the number one goal of ours was to create an all round positive client experience from first meeting, to first install. From the moment we come to give you a quote, we want to ensure nothing but perfection and professionalism across the board.

Our goal is to ultimately achieve 100% client satisfaction with all the jobs we complete. We ensure this with constant communication, hard work and unbelievable attention to detail. By communicating with our clients through every process from start to finish, we leave no room for potential mishaps, misunderstandings or complications. 

Invest and Renovate

By renovating and developing your property, the initial investments might seem costly. Depending on the variation of work that takes place, no matter what it is, the longevity and reward for doing so will create value to your home. Wether it be simple modern uplifts such as minimal designs with high quality products or whole constructions/renovations of new or existing rooms/extensions the benefits are unmatched and you shouldn't feel weary about investing.



Over time you will see benefits ranging from: 

  • An increase in property value

  • A reduction in heating and electric bills through thermo efficient joinery work

  • Creation of spaces you never thought were possible

  • Productivity within those spaces maximised

  • Structural integrity and wellbeing of your property

  • Modernisation uplifts through simple but effective means

  • Fashionable and desirable outcomes which you control in every way 

  • And lastly a safer and healthier property for the longevity of future/potential problems further down the line

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