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Ferry Road
Renovation Project

This unique project involved fully renovating a commercial property, previously owned by a tailoring business located here in Edinburgh, to a liveable space, unforeseen in its current condition.

We jumped at the opportunity to create a living space from the ground up that offered many unique properties in terms of maximising the spacial environment that was offered initially & retaining comfort as a whole. 

We were tasked with transforming the existing two bedroom layout to the upstairs, alongside the previous commercial property downstairs, into a 4 bedroom townhouse that featured open plan living areas & dining areas.

By installing a beautiful & bespoke set of bifold doors, we were able to maximise light entry from the south facing side, which lead out to a newly renovated outdoor garden area, all completed by our team.

This project had added complexities due to the original 1880 building being sat within a conservation area. Special attention was drawn to maintain specific original elements of the shopfront, alongside other areas of the building that we incorporated into a modernised space for the future homeowners of the property. This involved a total rebuild and restructure internally to ensure structural integrity and safety throughout.

The master bedroom space in particular was created by lowering the existing attic floor to create head space and in-turn allowed space to add a traditional window dormer-set by building out the roof. In-turn this added a 23.9 m2 bedroom with an ensuite. To top it all off, this room had magnificent views of Arthur's seat due to its south facing location.

If you see anything within this project that you would like to enquire about, don’t hesitate and visit our contact page today. Free quotations and advice all year round.

Ferry Road Gallery
Ferry Road Transformation
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