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Willowbrae Road 
uPVC Installation


Beautiful anthracite grey uPVC windows installed to this property here on willowbrae road. 

A simple upgrade for your windows can benefit your property in many ways, one key factor to note would be for heat retention within your property. By upgrading to newer styles of double glazing and even through use of higher quality framing, you can see an array of positives in many forms  as well as stunning aesthetics.



A list of what we done:

  • Complete removal and disposal of existing windows 

  • Prep work to open cavity for installation of new windows 

  • Installation of anthracite grey uPVC Windows

  • Installation of all internal finishing timbers i.e window sills, apron pieces and facings

  • Installation of all external finishings i.e uPVC plates & high performance sealants

  • Final check over and clean of all installed items including glass

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