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Planning: Features

Planning permission in Edinburgh

Loft/Attic Conversions & Extensions

Generally speaking, no planning permission is needed if the required project has no changes to the style or shape of the roof(loft conversions). If this isn't in fact the case and there are potential changes to the roof, then you will certainly need guidance on ascertaining planning permission. If the building is in fact listed or within a conservation area this would also prompt a need for planning permission.

Even if you feel like your project wouldn't require any planning permission it is always better to be prepared. A simple email from Edinburgh Council reassuring this in writing is more than adequate.

A "Certificate of Lawfulness" is the utmost correct procedure when

reassuring you or even ourselves that the work is more than able to go ahead. These can be applied for via the council as well.

Building Warrants

A lot of people don’t realise, but a building warrant is required for most construction projects. To obtain it, there are required areas of compliance with current building standards.

These include:

  • Structure: Your loft must be able to withstand weighted loads placed upon it.

  • Fire: Your loft must have fire resistance and separation implemented.

  • Environment: Proper drainage, heating, and ventilation must be implemented.

  • Safety: Sturdy stairs and safe electricals must be installed and maintained.

  • Noise: The conversion must take into consideration noise separation.

  • Energy: Your conversion should include insulation, heating, and lighting. 


Please note: It is worth mentioning that not all lofts/attics are available for conversion. There are a lot of factors which go into play such as: Available head height, the structuring of the roof and pitch and any obstacles such as water tanks.



Current & Future

By investing in your properties future today, you can maximise living areas to the fullest, by creating additional rooms and spaces. The initial investment will be foreshadowed by current practicality and aesthetics to dream of.

Investing early on will ultimately save money which potentially could've been spent moving homes in search for more space, in turn, saving you even more money in the long run when it comes to the properties sale.


Overall Benefits

Property Value, Maximising Spaces, Modern, Thermal

There are many ways and techniques to increase your homes value. Simple but effective things such as a fresh coat of paint, new facings/skirting boards, new internal doors, windows etc etc.. the list goes on! The most important thing to realise is its not a race. These things take time and more importantly money. 

Maximising spaces and layout efficiencies can be game changing. You can create a modern uplift in a series of ways. Knocking down walls to create bigger living environments and to extend certain rooms can be an affordable and creative alternative. 

Loft conversions can be a pricey but worthy route. By maximising your initial living space and building up within your property, your not only creating a whole new room/staircase, but also allowing a whole new aspect of natural lighting to enter the home. Since there's not much chance of a tree being directly on your roof, a Velux window system works perfectly for light infiltration.

Enhancing energy efficiency and reducing utility bills is also something that can be achieved by renovating. Things like brand new double glazed window systems or draught proofing systems can prove surreal in combating the two.

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